Blackjack History

The 18th century French card game “Ving-et-un” has became one of today’s popular casino games – Blackjack. In the 1800s the game itself was introduced to an anti-gambling America. However, as time goes more places allowed casino gambling one way or the other such as in Nevada 1931 and Atlantic City 1978.

During the 60’s people became interested about the Basic Blackjack Strategies specifically in 1956 – wherein people studied the cards shown and tables. Later developed new blackjack strategies and card counting. However, before that casinos gained much from the tables.

Roger Baldwin’s “The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack” (1956) paved the way for the mathematical approach in playing blackjack. Six years later, Prof. Edward O. Thorp improved and redefined the basic blackjack strategies in his book entitled “Beat the Dealer,” which became a hit.

Since then, more blackjack books and gaming guides have been published such as Lawrence Revere’s “Playing Blackjack as a Business” and Stanley Roberts’ “Winning Blackjack.” From there on, this card game happened to be phenomenal as it tried to have the title of the most popular event in Nevada.

In 1970’s, with the advent of computers, advanced gaming strategies were developed based from simulations of blackjack hands. Mathematicians and other academicians wrote books on blackjack strategies and statistics. Because of the scientific approach on card-playing, casino owners became bothered. So they devised a device called a 'shoe' which utilizes 2-8 decks of cards.

However, Ken Uston made a living out of playing blackjack – considered as the legend. In almost no time he earned over a million dollars making him banned from at least 7 major Las Vegas casinos. Averse with the decision Uston sued those casinos. Unfortunately, in 1987 he was found dead in Paris.

“Nowadays, casinos experiment with cutting off cards and playing multiple deck games…” Nonetheless, one can still win the game.

Have time to read blackjack books and other gaming strategies such as HI-OPT II, published in 1976.

Learn when and where to place bets as others call it money-management.

One could also try to become “dealer-friendly” by bribing with large tips.

According to Stanley Roberts, "...the increased competition between casinos in Nevada and other US states is likely to increase the winning chances of gamblers at the blackjack tables. After all the casinos still have to give the gamblers a chance of winning the games, and new blackjack strategies, more powerful ones are bound to appear in time. The casinos, though, have no need to worry. There will always be unskilled players who’ll provide them with the profits.”

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